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Milka Ski Stars
2015 - 2018

We created a brand around the ski sponsoring activities with the Milka Ski Stars for Mondelez, enabling a stronger bond between the athletes and their fans, linked them to Milka on an emotional level.
We leveraged the online reach with interactive content fueled by the testimonials like Anna Veith, Tina Maze and Andreas Wellinger. 


Through the custom “Meltivation” campaign, where fans could send their favorite athletes best wishes and participate in interactive streams and chats, we reached some fantastic results: 45k live viewers, 4,5m video views (2015/2016), and a growth in reach of 950m content consumers.


Our services were as follows:

- Strategic vision for each season
- Large scale video productions in challenging locations (high Alps)
- Ongoing social media management including a 24/7 SLA
- Multinational paid media and activation (raffles, sweepstakes, etc.) in various markets across Europe (DACH, FR, IT, SI, SL, CZ, HU, PL, etc.)
- Central website and multiple activations, as well as interactive mini site